Wirecast 7 - From Zero to Hero Training

Livestreaming events should not have to be so difficult. Not even setting up multiple cameras to effectively capture an event should. Armed with the Wirecast 7, you can efficiently and effectively livestream events and even use your iPhone and iPad as a camera source for recording or streaming, via the Wirecast cam app. Suddenly, the possibility of what you can do and achieve becomes endless. For old Wirecast users, they understand exactly what I am on about. If you new to Wirecast, hold on, be prepared to be mesmerized and blown away.

I recently used Wirecast to perform a three-camera livestream to Facebook shoot for an event for an educational organization in California, and my audience literally went nuts. They were absolutely awed, and vehemently wanted to know how I did it, and most importantly, how they themselves could set it up. Honestly, I was surprised at their reaction. To think I was just having a go at a software I absolutely love and know a lot about.

In the end, especially judging by their interest, I decided to do a tutorial series. It is basically two hours and 45 minutes of pure magical content, where you are going to learn to wave the magical Wirecast wand and be a pro at it. Wirecast 7 is brand new and it is absolutely amazing, plus, I am a huge fan of it. You deserve to hold your own with this amazing software, let me make you a pro at it.

For newbies into the absolutely amazing world of Wirecast, I can guarantee that you are in for the best of times. I remembered being wide eyed and ecstatic when I first laid my hands on the software. Being the CEO of iOgrapher, and well, having unrestricted access to all the amazing filmmaking cases and accessories also made for absolutely interesting times. My video tutorial is specially designed for you. 

For old Wirecast users, there is no need to go on and on about the amazing features of Wirecast. Hey, you already know. What I am going to do is open your eyes to some levels and blow you away with some of the new usability of Wirecast. So, even if you are used to the app, you still need to sign up to my comprehensive training to get a total grasp on the software, and utilize it to amazing effects. Maximize your Wirecast potential, sign up now.

Ok, why exactly would you want to learn to use Wirecast 7 to the optimum?

Well, apart from the inherent fun, and well, the joy of being appreciated for executing perfect presentations, livestreaming or recordings; with Wirecast, you can infuse professionalism and polish into your broadcast with transitions, live switching, lower thirds, titles, and a host of other features. Apart from this, streaming to integrated streaming services becomes easy with the use of the built-in multi format encoding capabilities. By using Wirecast, you can professionally livestream your services, events, lectures, workshops, interviews, concerts, and conferences, switching cameras to amazing effect.

If you are really serious about Wirecast 7 and injecting a much needed professionalism and ease into your projects, then you need to learn to effectively and maximally use the software. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Zero to Hero video training course now.



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