How to Create Videos When You Are Camera Shy

Creating videos is essential for successful content and social media marketing. Marketers who create video content for marketing grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not use video. Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined.

These kinds of stats are tough to argue, but what if you HATE being on camera? No problem, you can make outstanding video content without showing your face.

Video Ideas for Camera Shy Content Creators
Whether you are creating videos for your personal business, blog, or educational videos, there are lots of ways to remain behind the camera.

Tutorial videos demonstrate how to do something. For example, videos that demonstrate how to create a graphic or how to install a product or how to use a software are considered to be tutorials. Your audience benefits from your expertise although they never actually see your face.

Behind The Scenes
Building trust with your audience can be accomplished with behind the scenes video content. If you own an online business, you can create a video of your workspace, your most recent project, or the back end of your client management. Show your audience that you are a real, authentic expert in your field without appearing on camera.

Point of View Videos
Especially useful for travel vloggers or content creators who are sharing their first hand experience, point of view videos are exactly what they sound like. The purpose of a point of view videos is to show your audience exactly what you are seeing- perfect for camera shy video makers.

Product Demo Videos
Do you want to show your audience how to make something or how a physical product works? Product demo videos provide tremendous value while keeping you out of the limelight. A great example of common demo videos are those cool cooking videos on Tasty. They are beautiful and super helpful and you never see the face of the content creator. If a product requires a person to demonstrate, recruit a friend or family member to do the demonstration while you shoot the video.

How to Actually Create These Videos

Screen Recording
Any videos that are showcasing or demonstrating something that is on your computer can be created with a software app like QuickTime, Screenflow, Camtasia, Loom, or Zoom. There are a number of others and many of them are free.

B-Roll Footage
Enhance any video content with B-Roll footage to create excitement without showing your face. Generally, B-Roll includes animations, graphical elements, photographs and other supplemental footage. Create visual stories and informative videos using B-Roll for maximum effect.

A Few Pieces of Equipment

If you plan to create a point of view video or demo videos, you may need a few pieces of equipment to make video production easier and higher quality. A few things to consider purchasing are:
Filmmaking case that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to create professional video
Variety of lenses
Mic lav
Ring light
With some basic equipment, you can create professional-quality videos without ever showing your face.

Even camera-shy content creators can benefit from the power of video by putting these ideas into action. Are you looking for ways to perfect your video making skills? Check out Mobile Video School for practical tutorials designed to transform you into a professional video maker.



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