Mobile Video Foundations 101


Mobile Video Foundations 101

New to mobile video creation? This is for you! This 5 module course will get you started making professional looking and sounding videos with your iPhone or iPad. Specifically created with the beginner in mind, award winning educator Dave Basulto, takes you through the process of creating great video content on mobile devices.

In these 5 modules you will learn:

  • How to get your device ready to film 
  • How to use the camera app 
  • How to screen capture 
  • How to use the app store 
  • How to capture great audio 
  • How to set up basic lighting 
  • How to use a tripod and other accessories for stability 
  • How to use the best camera app out there - Filmic Pro 
  • How to edit your videos in Adobe Premiere Rush 
  • How to share your videos with the world 

Bonus Lesson:

  • 19 Shots that make your videos look professional
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